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Tilt has revolutionized how Palava commutes. They went live in Feb 2019 with their cycles and e-bikes and we've never had a single complaint since. Thousands of happy residents and rides later, we can't wait to expand further within the city.

Photo of Saunak Basu
Saunak Basu
Vice President, Lodha Group

We have a large campus and we were looking to introduce a bike share service. We were clear that we wanted a docked version of the solution and not a free floating one. Tilt ticked all the boxes for us—on the whole a very positive experience for us.

Photo of Saunak Basu
Pankaj Jhunjha
Head of Mobility Services

We collaborated with Tilt to launch bicycle sharing in Jamshedpur. At the Tata Steel Zoo as well as Jubilee Park, the service has been extremely well received. We are now excited to see how this can be scaled to more locations in the city.

Photo of Saunak Basu
Office of Capt. D. Mishra
Sr. General Manager, JUSCO

In the Tata Motors Pune campus, we have over 18 kms of motorable roads. Employees who have to travel a lot face several challenges. We partnered with Tilt and fitness has finally taken some stake in the minds of people while they're working.

Photo of Saunak Basu
Sachin Thakur
Mobility Services

Nashik Smart City had considered projects that can achieve the goal of making this city the bicycling capital of India. A pilot project was planned and implemented by this young team. The people of Nashik have really enjoyed Tilt.

Photo of Saunak Basu
U.B. Powar
Ex-CEO, Nashik Smart City

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